Howdy y’all! I have relocated to Chico, California in January 2016 to live and work on 40 acres of beautiful land with my farming partner, JW Moon. It may seem sudden, but this is another one of my dreams coming true! I’ve spent the last 11 years in Austin following a dream of becoming good at a manual skill, owning my own business, and being part of an amazing empire of powerhouse women on East Cesar Chavez. While I will miss everyone dearly, I am excited to start a new chapter of my life in another amazing part of the world!

I will be returning to Austin in April 2016 for a short haircutting tour. Dates will be posted to Schedulicity once my itinerary is set.

Lulu Belle Salon lives on with Johanna Esper, colorist extraordinaire and curly cutter, as sole owner. If you love getting your hairdo at our beautiful little space, you can call or text her for an appointment: 512.293.6602

Also, Christy Holmes is the new addition to Lulu Belle. She has been cutting hair for 13 years and recently has been apprenticing for color with Johanna since January 2015. Comfortable with cutting textured, short, long, men and kids, she can be reached by call or text: 949.294.7400

I will miss y’all and my fair city of Austin, but I will keep updates to this website, my Instagram, and possibly a blog to come….

Much love and appreciation,
charlotte belle